SMARTTOOL Digital Level
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These digital levels will go easier, faster, with greater accuracy and fewer reworks--which will make more money for you.

comp1.jpg (49729 bytes)Most levels see the world as level and plumb. Only SMARTTOOL can measure all angles in a 360 range. So installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof, or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler and less time consuming. Also SMARTTOOL can take abuse other levels can't because its components are made of high strength materials, and you can reset it to a factory accuracy with a touch of the button. 

SMARTTOOL is simple to use. Just press the on/off button, and SMARTTOOL will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. The display even flips over with the level, so SMARTTOOL always reads "right side up". And it shuts off automatically after 5 minutes when it's not being used, all this from a standard 9-volt battery.

SMARTTOOL comes in two sizes:

A Padded Carrying case to fit the 600mm and the 1200mm SMARTTOOL is also available.



Available in 600mm and 1200mm Lengths



If you require shorter or longer lengths, you may buy the SmartTool Sensor module by itself. The 170mm Module can be used as a torpedo level for small tasks, or locked into any Carpentry & Construction 6000 Series or 6500 magnetic Series levels. These levels are in various lengths up to 96" and are made from extra heavy duty extruded aluminum.
% Slope SmartTool allows you to read angles in % slope to meet requirements for sewer connections, ramps and grading. And showing compliance is merely a matter of pointing to the display.
Read Level and Plumb by vials or Digital Display If a post or wall is out of plumb, SmartTool will tell you by how much. This decimal-point accuracy can be used to correct a problem in new construction, or to match existing work in remodeling.
Durability for Long Life SmartTool is designed to be job site tough. The box frame is extruded from high strength aluminum. The two bubble vials are machined from solid acrylic blocks and are virtually indestructible. The Sensor Module is encased in a high impact resistance ABS polymer case. It's sealed against dirt and water penetration. This is one tough tool!


SmartTool gives you roof pitch readings - in degrees % slope (1% = 1cm per meter or even inches/foot run) - right on the display. No two-handed measurements, no conversion calculations, and no mistakes.
Reads in Degrees Set sawblade angles to a fraction of a degree accuracy with SmartTool. You can easily duplicate a stair angle for setting handrails, and never again will you be measuring top and bottom to make sure stair treads and rail are parallel. Checks Camber, Castor and wingangle in the motor industry.
Listen & Level Audio Feature


Have tasks where you really can't see SmartTool? Then turn on the audio beeper. The beeper sounds when SmartTool is level and/or plumb. The audio is great for shimming projects and where lighting is too dim to see the vials or digital to see the vials or digital display.
Hold Button Freezes the display.